Factory-Authorized Service and Warranty Repair

HD Industries is a factory-authorized Full-Service Dealer and Warranty Repair Station. Our fleet of service trucks are also available to accomodate your onsite requirements

Specialty Equipment & Services

factory authorized service & warranty repair

All applications

Truck and Marine Engines

Series 50 and 60 Engines along with all 2-Cycle Engines

Natural Gas On-Highway Engines

Trailer Jockey service and repairs

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) Cleaning

We do DPF Cleaning the Right Way.

HD Industries knows Diesel and when it comes to services like DPF Cleaning, we offer only the best. Our highly trained staff has years of experience getting diesel engines running optimally. Our DPF Cleaning Services contain the following components:
  • Pulse Air Cleaning
  • Regeneration Baking
  • Flow Testing
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